Quality control - PatentoPet®

Our PatentoPet® products are subject to highest international quality standards and passed all tests with expertise! Among other things the collars with integrated leash have been tested by European testing institutes and has been thoroughly tested positive by a leading American testing institute!

PatentoPet® products are well known due to their quality features. On this page you can convince yourself about our standards, and we do also make you familiar with some special product characteristics.

Nylon material

We are only working with heavy duty and weatherproof nylon. The high quality workmanship of the nylon ensures color fastness. An additional feature on our Premium products is the reflective stitching what ensures more safety during darkness and twilight. On some of our products we are using Nano-Technoloy, what makes the water rolls off.

Elastic material / PatentoFlex

All DOG CONTROL / PatentoPet® collars and harnesses are having a retractable integrated short leash inside. We developed the PatentoFlex elastic material with high financial and technical expenses in a close team work with engineers and technical institutes out of this area. In contrast to the first available version, the actual PatentoFlex material can bear extreme strength and mechanical strain. The ultimate tensile strength is over 250 kg and thousands of pulls can be made without any lost of springiness.


All of our PatentoPet® leashes are manufactured with an upholstered handle as well as all of our collars, either if they are made from top quality Neopren or imitation leather they all ensure more and excellent comfort in handling. Some of our collars are made with a special upholstered inlay for a better wearing comfort inside. This inlay prevents the Nylon from unpleasant smell, can easily be taken off and cleaned if necessary.

Snap hook

PatentoPet® Leashes are coming with chrome plated snap hooks. Those are smooth-running and rust free through their special composition.

See a short overview about our various certificates in quality:

  • CE
  • GS
  • TÜV
  • FCC
  • ROHS
  • WEEE

*The shown certificates are not valid for all of our products. Those are showing an overview about standards/certificates which are fulfilled from various/some of our products.